Sunday, January 5, 2014

BBQ Duck Confit with Corn Crepes

This is a combination of recipes.

First, make the duck confit.

When you are ready to use the duck confit, take some out of the refrigerator (duck confit can last months in the refrigerator). Place it in a low temperature oven to melt the fat down. Then strain the fat capturing the meat, bones and skin.

The duck fat can be kept for using again or for pan frying veggies, etc.

The meat pieces should be drained well before being used, removing as much fat as practicable.

The skin can be fried up in a pan for a snack.

The bones can be kept in the freezer for the next time stock needs to be made.

Here's my countertop during this process. The duck meat is on the paper towel. I then pressed more paper towel on top soaking up as much fat as practicable. The meat then went in the sauce pan. You can also see the strainer and the ball jar used to collect the duck fat.

Now, take the BBQ Sauce  and pour some into the sauce pan with the duck meat and heat it all up.

Meantime, make the corn crepes.

Then, place a crepe on a plate and place some of the duck meat with the BBQ sauce in the crepe and roll it up. Here is a serving.

Here's the plate with some of the trimings. The crepe goes well with sour cream (not shown), cilantro, and guacamole. Coleslaw is a great side. I made a sweet and sour coleslaw for this plate, along with blackeyed peas (cooked in chicken stock, minced onion that was sweated in duck fat, and smoked pig neck) and sauerkraut.