Saturday, April 4, 2015

Porterhouse Steak - Bobby Flay style

Want an aged steak, 1½ to 2 inches, room temperature.
Salt it aggressively on both sides. With a steak this thick, a little salt sprinkled on the outside won’t do it—make it rain.

Get a skillet really hot over medium-high heat. Add a dash of a neutral oil to get things going. Place steak in pan. Don’t touch it. After about 4 minutes, when it’s got a beautiful brown crust, move it to a cutting board, crust side up.

Cut the steak off the bone in two pieces—the strip on one side, the filet on the other. Cut straight down into thick slices perpendicular to the bone.
Place the bone back in the hot pan, and reassemble the sliced meat alongside it, crust side up. Top the steak with a few fat pats of butter and duck fat.
Heat broiler and place the pan underneath. Broil till sizzling and gorgeous and a perfect medium-rare, 4–6 minutes. (Since the steak is already sliced, you can peek to check doneness.)

Serve directly from the pan, and spoon the buttery pan sauces over each portion.