Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Makin' the Bacon! (Lardons)

May recall that the Beef Bourguignon called for lardons that are basically unsmoked bacon and that I was challenged by Chris the butcher to cure my own. Well, yesterday I took the final steps.

Two days ago, the pork belly had been curing for 6 days. It was time to wash it in fresh water and let it rest for 24 hours. So, out of the refrigerator comes:

After the 24 hours in the refrigerator, out it comes one hour prior to the oven and is dried in paper towels. Then, into a preheated 200 F oven until the internal temperature reached 150 F. That took about 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 hours. Then I sliced it into 1/2 inch thick chunks:

These 10 pieces are now in the freezer ready to use! When needed, out them come and will be chopped into 1/4" pieces cross-wised. No nitrates! No smoke flavor!

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