Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Why blog?

Because they asked me to.

They want to experience the experiences without making those mistakes. Well, at least not the same mistakes.

They think I know how to make a salad, and other items.

Most of the time it is trial and error, cuz, I just never know how it will turn out. Food as well as other life needs.

So, this is to capture some of those experiences, cooking as well as life, what turns out well and, perhaps, lessons learned along the way. The recipe, or the plan, at the finish line is never the one at the starting line. This is to capture the one at the finish line - well, maybe there is never a finish line - maybe it is just the 80 percent line. Ingredients vary, timings vary (based on room temperature, humidity, taste differences and a bunch of other issues), strength of seasonings vary, etc. etc. etc. Life changes. Planning is 80 percent anyway. That last 20 percent is always going to be different.

My sister, whom I truly like to antagonize, may appreciate the effort that truly goes into correctly preparing food. Of course, her life, like my life, is unique. That last 20 percent changes.

I will give examples of this along the way.

So, enough for now, for the start.

Stay toon'ed!

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